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This review may contain spoilers.

Wow. Generally, the samurai genre of film has been something that I respect more than I love. However, like the best of any genre, this one manages to transcend the others. Rather than having the good guy win, he loses, and nothing changes. Rather than having the bad guy regret anything, he succeeds, and his beliefs are only reaffirmed. I think this was trying to be the exact opposite of any other samurai film. Rather than having so much action or fighting, It dares to question the honor so prevalent in both this era, and permeating throughout most Japanese films of this era. I think that the statue symbolizes the whole idea of honor, and when it can be twisted to quite the opposite. Our main character knocks it down, but at the end of the movie, it's brought right up again. The raw emotions that the actors manage to convey is insane. In the Hara-kiri by bamboo scene, for a moment, I flinched because I thought that it was real. Every character doesn't feel like a caricature, even though we have both heroes and villains. The score was sparse, and was sprinkled throughout key moments to make them more effective. The camerawork and cinematography was purposeful. Enough to look good without being too flashy to the point where it took me out of the movie. This was just excellent in every department.

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