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This review may contain spoilers.

Personal anecdote: put this off for a while because I wanted to watch this with my dad. However, he’s not a fan of violent movies and had somehow mixed up the title with last year’s Blue Story and I was only recently able to encourage him that this is a very different movie. Something about the idea of a serious drama about gang violence being called Knives Out is hilarious to me so there you go 🤣

On the movie: I find it really funny that after internet folk complained about The Last Jedi relying so heavily on expectation subversion, Johnson went and did not just a murder-mystery, the twist-iest genre out there, but a subversion of the murder-mystery, revealing most of what happened early on and having the traditional red herring be the actual culprit. What a power move. Also, I’m really excited about the notion of a Blanc series, each movie a standalone mystery with him as the detective. Would be interesting to see that going head to head with Kenneth Branagh’s series of Agatha Christie adaptations he’s got going. Is this slowly becoming a renaissance for whodunnits?

Edit: just wanna throw in that Johnson even subverted Chekhov’s Gun, putting Knives in the title and having a giant rack of knives set up and then revealing at the last second that they’re fakes and therefore useless. He subverted one of the core dramatic principles of storytelling for shock value! What a hack!

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