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  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    A sequel to a prequel that isn't as good as the original.

  • V for Vendetta

    V for Vendetta


    I first watched V for Vendetta on the plane ride from England to America back in 2006. It was one of the first R-rated films I had ever watched and loved. It reminded me a lot of one of my favorite films, Leon: The Professional, due to the fact that Natalie Portman being the main character is in both films is influenced to fight against the corrupt governing authority. In both films she is firstly portrayed as a naive and…

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  • Logan



    "So this is what it feels like..."

    A western epic. A journey to freedom. A story of survival. The end of an era.

    Logan is a worn out old cowboy whose seen better days. He knows that his last days are on the horizon. Isolated from the outside world he tries to live his last days in peace, until the world is flipped upside down on him once again. With all odds against him, Logan, must save the only person…

  • Blazing Saddles

    Blazing Saddles


    "My name is Jim, but most people call me... Jim." -Jim (Gene Wilder)