Southern Comfort ★★★★

I've really been digging Walter Hill's films after falling in love with The Warriors and learning of his involvement with long-time favourites like Alien and The Getaway, and Sam Peckinpah, whose films I also love.

Hill has a knack to quickly draw me in by establishing characters amongst a motley crew like National Guardsmen, gang members, or wild west outlaws. A short transition scene is intercut with a brief argument in which each character delivers a line that quickly establishes their character. I think scenes like this work because they give us a thumbnail of character and often clue us towards at who is fit to survive, and who will fall victim to their own hubris, usually after endangering the rest of his crew. While some are just wieners who are just begging to be killed off.

Solid flick, really picked up towards the end after a bit of a slow first act. Hill's dark humour is weaved into the suspense of the final scenes, and overall the film was a lot better than I anticipated going in.