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  • Near Dark

    Near Dark


    Just about perfect. Nevermind that the blood transfusion plotline doesn't make any goddam sense. This movie is fun as hell. Prob my favorite vampire movie.

  • The Addiction

    The Addiction


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    For a movie that seems to take itself pretty seriously, I liked this a whole lot. It does have several genuinely unsettling scenes, and finds specific and fresh moments of beauty.

    Often when a movie wants to discuss philosophy, it zeroes in on a single question and explores narrative or psychological dimensions of it. This movie though felt more like the experience of reading philosophy because its dialogue consisted so much of compact, inscrutable allusions to other philosophers, but simultaneously…

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  • The Devil

    The Devil


    Movie Night #74: The Devil

    This was intended to be a movie night for another movie, but then Zulawski died and we switched to Devil.

    This is a great movie.

    The folkloric angle is important. This is a trickster devil that tempts. He's the guy who went down to Georgia, not the "non serviam" rebel. But at the same time, no. He's deeper, darker, more weird than that. He's characterized by his energy. Perhaps more than any other model, he…

  • Food



    Stop-motion with real live humans! Must have been annoying to make, but boy am I glad he did. Blends some claymation pretty seamlessly into the real life stuff. V. funny, checkit out!