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  • Bird Box

    Bird Box

    This movie kinda sucked, and when I look online I just see people saying it kinda sucked... why is everyone talking about this movie we all hated?

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol

    The Muppet Christmas Carol


    I love the muppets.

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  • The Devil

    The Devil


    Movie Night #74: The Devil

    This was intended to be a movie night for another movie, but then Zulawski died and we switched to Devil.

    This is a great movie.

    The folkloric angle is important. This is a trickster devil that tempts. He's the guy who went down to Georgia, not the "non serviam" rebel. But at the same time, no. He's deeper, darker, more weird than that. He's characterized by his energy. Perhaps more than any other model, he…

  • Donald Cried

    Donald Cried


    I really loved this movie. The writer/director/star nails the type he plays really well. Good evidence of the vitality of low-budget realist filmmaking.

    I'm sort of rushing through this reviews-of-movies-I-watched-2-months-ago but I want to take a minute longer with this one, because it might not get a chance to see much of the light of day.

    Donald Cried is a character study about the dude in your hometown who stuck around and the weird network of lies that he tells…