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  • Le Cercle Rouge

    Le Cercle Rouge


    Superb. A better Rififi.

    You've surely seen those videos on youtube by now of super old video turned "4k" through AI. It feels like they ripped the color palette programs on those from this movie.

    I would probably cut each shot down by a little bit. It can lag occasionally. But still great. I wonder if there were rules at this time in France that the criminals can't win. Well, even if they followed the letter of the law, they certainly didn't follow the spirit, because who wouldn't root for these guys.

    So stylish you can prick your finger.

  • Belly



    If this movie was a failure, then I'm destined to be a failure, because this is the movie of my dreams.

    Incredible visuals. So smooth.
    Incredible characters.
    Fantastic story. Constantly interesting and unpredictable. Amazing ending.
    Fantastic music.

    This might be the most underrated movie of all time.

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  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    Fantastic visuals. Absolutely horrendous, honestly physically sickening script. The baffling existence of a film like this almost makes me want to root for SJWs.

    Even with visuals, it's a missed opportunity. There are 3-4 mindblowingly beautiful shots in this, but he just doesn't use them enough / work the scene around them. And diagonal shots are objectively worse than symmetrical/straight-on shots, but he uses them constantly.

    Unbearably slow. Even at 3.5x speed felt a bit slow.

    Can somebody please tie…

  • Bad Timing

    Bad Timing


    What an extraordinary film. This is a quake film for me like Grand Budapest Hotel and Chungking Express. Blew me away. Changed the way I thought about things.

    The acting was truly... unbelievable. Truly spectacular. Wow.

    The editing was so fantastic in this film. And the performance by Theresa Russell was one of the all time greats. Her face reminds me so much of Polly Walker.

    I can't believe critics at the time disliked it so much.

    Has to be a top 10 for me. Certainly top 20.