Stalker ★★★★½

THIS is what Martin Scorsese is talking about. A true difference between real cinema and blockbuster extravaganzas/theme park rides

Stalker is just so dense and thematically rich. It’s a very mature film that takes its time to develop the story and themes. Nothing feels rushed. It gives us plenty of time to soak in all the heavy and existential themes. The characters have a great dynamic and chemistry. There’s so much to explore with this film, it can be seen as a journey to find God/peace, an exploration of death, as well as finding meaning in the pursuit of happiness. It’s also just an expertly crafted film with so much to chew on. The filmmaking is awe inspiring and mesmerizing. It’s so incredibly unique and bizarre which makes me love it even more. There’s no other film like this one. It’s such an enchanting experience that you honestly just have to see it to believe it. It’s incredibly interesting but I can’t see myself watching it a whole lot in my life, and on a very personal subjective level I always felt like there was just something missing from it in order for me to connect with it. Hopefully that will improve on a second watch. 

This was a holy unique experience that I look forward to analyzing more and more. Hopefully further analysis will bump up my score for the film.

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