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  • Stasis



    This film is very indy. It feels like it was made by a team who haven't yet established their style or technical skills. The cinematography, script, pacing, acting and direction are all of student quality. 

    The premise is a typical Gee Whiz time travel flavour. Folks from a post-apocalyptic future can travel back in time to inhabit the body of a human who has just died. Something about the spirit leaving the vessel empty. 

    Information about times of death is…

  • War Machine

    War Machine


    Reminded me a bit of Catch 22, as all good war commentaries should. It's funny, insightful and well written. Brad Pitt plays a little too much with the physicality of the protagonist (he runs and walks funny, squints funny and holds his hands funny. Just a bit distracting). Loved the sardonic voice over. 

    It's a strangely sympathetic account of a flawed hero dealing with impossible circumstances and trying to maintain his dignity, professionalism and principles. It's also both a criticism…

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  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

    Terry Gilliam always makes shit movies.

    He made this movie.

    It's shit.

  • Highlander



    The immortal Connor MacLeod (Luke Skywalker) begins life as a normal chap in 16th century Scotland, but is cast out of his village under suspicion of devilry when he miraculously recovers from an obviously fatal battle wound.

    Sean Connery stars as Ramiraz (Ben Kenobe), and trains the young highlander (Jedi) in the art of swordplay and use of The Quickening (The Force).

    A tall warrior in black with a breathing problem (caused by an injury sustained in battle with Ramiraz),…