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  • Watchmen



    A great adaptation of a great graphic novel. Not slavish to the original text, but where it differs I think the changes are well-considered.

    Like any good comic book story, there are moral dilemmas left and right, but unusually this story allows the darker choice to be fairly represented and even presented as the preferred option. The ends justify the means. Controversial and boldly stated. This is more interesting and intelligent fare than the usual showy superhero blockbusters. 

    It's aged very well too, considering the technical advances since it was made. 


  • Zootopia



    Lots of thin references about racism, racial profiling, police harassment, gender politics and how societal pressures cause demographic stagnation, all of which are casually discarded for the sake of a nice story. 

    It's fun; the animals are cute and sassy, and there are loads of little gags hidden in each scene, so repeat viewing will be rewarded. It's not a particularly smart story, though:

    A plucky small town rabbit with grand ideas about changing the world and making a difference;…

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  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

    Terry Gilliam always makes shit movies.

    He made this movie.

    It's shit.

  • Highlander



    The immortal Connor MacLeod (Luke Skywalker) begins life as a normal chap in 16th century Scotland, but is cast out of his village under suspicion of devilry when he miraculously recovers from an obviously fatal battle wound.

    Sean Connery stars as Ramiraz (Ben Kenobe), and trains the young highlander (Jedi) in the art of swordplay and use of The Quickening (The Force).

    A tall warrior in black with a breathing problem (caused by an injury sustained in battle with Ramiraz),…