Baby Driver ★★★½

I was expecting to enjoy this more. It was a bit too “cool” and not actually as cool as it wanted to be. 

Lots of car chases. Heists. Plans with blackboards and stacks of cash. Kevin Spacey being a stone cold bully and Jamie Foxx being less cool as a gangster than he is in real life. 

Many scenes are choreographed so that key moments happen on the beat with the music, which is a fun gimmick that sounds cooler than it actually is. Edgar Wright seems to appeal to me more when his tongue is in his cheek. This is all a bit too homagey, sincere and earnest.

I can see why he wanted to make it though. Must have been fun. 

Drive is cool. It’s better. True Romance is cool, funny and quirky and has a better Elvis impersonator. It’s better too. Still, if your film is being compared to Drive and True Romance, you’ve succeeded.