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  • The Granny

    The Granny


    This movie is hateful and rude and just completely bonkers. A bowl of Lucky Charms with crunched up Adderall. The insane, wisecracking, murderous granny is very over the top, like Freddy Krueger after he's had a few beers and is feeling great and extra full of himself.
    Contains everyone's favorite horrible movie faux pas: a woman wearing glasses = an ugly, worthless non-person (this woman is usually played by a model, a porn star, someone who has been in many…

  • Satanic Attraction

    Satanic Attraction


    In one scene, this woman is supposedly so high that she doesn't realize the bar of soap she's using to wash herself with has razorblades attached to it. In another scene, a woman is laying face down on a hammock and a masked killer manages to sneak underneath her and stab her with a sword and make her guts fall out. This is just some of the extreme, gory ineptitude you will find on display here. I think the plot…

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  • Mind Killer

    Mind Killer


    Didn't know if I'd ever see this one. I don't download movies, this is only on VHS, and copies usually sell for $50 or more. Thankfully all those evil wizards over at Amazon keep adding a steady supply of obscure, terrible movies. And if you couldn't tell, that's exactly what this is. Please note: the sound on this movie is very bad. It's like they recorded their lines next to a pot of boiling french fry grease, I'm serious. There…

  • Hereditary



    There was like an 80 year old couple sitting next to us and at first I thought it was weird, but now I'm kinda like Hell yeah Horror For Life