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  • Stalked by My Mother

    Stalked by My Mother


    Over the top Lifetime psychodrama. I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say that you will be Stalked By A Plot Twist. Opening nightmare sequence takes place in a library- great start. Fun stuff. It's on Amazon under "Stalked By My Mom."

  • Phantom Brother

    Phantom Brother


    This movie makes me sad because I really want to like it more. It starts out great, and it has the potential to be fantastic... but after about 15 minutes, it goes awol, crashes and burns, commits suicide and returns underground to forever rot in no budget VHS Hell. And while that retains a certain charm, I have to admit I didn't like this movie at all. For one, it's LOUD AS FUCK. In addition to having terrible accents and…

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  • Starstruck



    this is a great movie

    irrelevant and personal: i'm going through an extremely difficult period in my life right now, so i honestly don't know how much i'll be watching or posting online. i doubt this will disturb anybody's routine, but i'm sorry if it does. i'm not gone forever, but in the meantime i wish all of you strength and wellness

  • Surviving the Game

    Surviving the Game


    Ridiculous and amazing 1990s version of The Most Dangerous Game with an insane-o cast. Watch this as soon as you can.