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  • Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

    Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II


    An unofficial Nightmare On Elm Street movie (in the best possible way). Love that evil rocking horse. Michael Ironside is awesome, but how was he never arrested? Fake computer that's really a fridge full of beer, oh you silly 80s movies. Fun stuff.

  • Inferno



    Too many things to list- you already know the deal- but when The Mother says she goes by the name of Death and then kicks through the mirror as a full on skeleton!!!!! Could have done without the guy putting the cats in the bag, but still.

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  • Beyond Dream's Door

    Beyond Dream's Door


    Like a really good episode of Tales From The Darkside, only with more nudity and gore thrown in. Plus the monster from The Abomination. Exploding blood balloon, exploding lightbulb, maniac janitor with no hands. Super impressive (the director was only 26) and definitely worth watching. If you ever find this movie, buy it immediately! <3

  • Terrifier



    Guess I have to admit that I'm a weirdo because I woke up at 7am to watch a gory slasher movie about an evil clown...
    Anyway, Terrifier is an alright movie. If you like ridiculous gore and pointless violence, you're sure to love this. Art The Clown is definitely creepy; the creators certainly did a good job branding a ~slasher icon~ and everything, but I feel like the movie is also pretty average (or it definitely could have reached greater heights).