Avengers: Endgame

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This review may contain spoilers.

Finally. Finally, a comic book movie made me cry.
Events that took place years ago (even is less than stellar MCU films) pay off in emotional and even cathartic ways.
The 3 hour runtime is earned because the time spent with each character plays earnestly and honestly. This is not wall-to-wall action. The majority of the film allows characters to talk, reflect, grow, earn each moment.
Then when the action truly kicks in during the climactic battle, the emotional weight behind it all adds so much to the following sequences.
Cap's never say die attitude and Stark's inability to let things go are the heartbeats of this franchise and the final battle with Thanos is so goddamn thrilling. I screamed when Cap picked up Thor's hammer. I jumped in my seat and pumped my fist when Stark sacrificed himself. I cried during Tony's funeral.
This competes with GotG Vol 2 as my favorite MCU film. Give me time with these people and you have my undying attention and affection.
Valkyrie rides a winged horse!

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