Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

Oh man did I underrate this the first time I saw it. Astoundingly prescient in regards to the exploration of toxic relationships, social media, and national news coverage. 
The way Fincher weaves the first half between memories and present day is fantastic. The flashbacks play much more dreamlike with a different score and heightened atmosphere, almost like the good times are glowing and ignoring the bad. As the story unfolds and begins to show how Affleck isn't the actual protagonist, Fincher and Flynn again show their masterful touches at manipulating us to root for Pike. 
I am blown away at every display of toxic masculinity. From the ways Affleck reacts in various marital situations ("Why do always I feel like women are picking on me?) to Harris' ultra controlling captivity to the way Affleck ignores nearly every piece of advice given to him. 
Performances all around are brilliant but kudos to Coon for playing to most level headed person in this group of fucked up people.  
One of the better films of the decade.

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