The Game

The Game ★★★★½

As someone whose recently gone through many of Brian De Palma's films, it’s quite interesting to realize that a few of Fincher’s earlier work also seem to be taking the Hitchcock route. This film, Panic Room, Se7en, and, maybe to a lesser extent, Gone Girl, are rather high concept thrillers that fit into somewhat of a Hitchcockian mold. 
It’s also interesting that two filmmakers of the same generation, Fincher and Christopher Nolan, both have a clinical nature to their filmmaking styles but Fincher is able to garner more emotion in his films, for the most part. I think it has to do with how he blocks his scenes and his editing style. There is an art to this film especially, that always layers the characters within the frame to get the best composition and feel for each setting. I noticed a great deal of perspective shots, lines moving into the distance, away from the protagonist. 
It really is such a great thriller, keeping you guessing as to how real this situation is. It earns so much credit by the end that you don’t find yourself questioning the mechanics of what’s going on.

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