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  • Parasite



    A tasty slice of trauma recovery cake!

  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    Give yourself to the world!

    I think I get it-

    ... I don't get it.

    Jesus is cake?

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  • Brazil



    First time I saw this, I was a young teenager beginning to dabble in psychedelics. Needless to say this film totally blew my mind and became an instant favorite! Upon rewatching, there's so much to love about the film, the direction, lighting, soundtrack, scriupt, casting, performances, practical sets and effects all create a fantastical yet engrossing world. No mind altering substances this time, but still enjoyable and impactful upon repeat viewings!

  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    A Tarrentino film about slavery where he doesn't *personally* say the n-word... PROGRESS!