Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back

Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back ★★

Mewtwo and Pikachu are the stars of the show with Pikachu delivering emotional scenes and Mewtwo being lab experiment Darth Vader.

Unfortunately, Hollywood music choices, Ash, especially Ash, the English translation, and the message fucking suck.

Ash acts like a dumbass 10 year old that we're expected to relate to but honestly when he died it was like yeah no duh buddy of course. He's supposed to be this badass but takes Mewtwo on with his fists???? Come on bro.

The message of the movie is supposed to be "Fighting to the death is bad, racism bad" but the English translation generalized it too much to have that sort of nuance. Instead we get a "Fighting is bad we should be Care Bears". This issue is then compounded by the fact that the ending is a total copout.

The movie ends with the general anime movie bullshit of "it was all a dream I used to read Pokémon magazine". Ash and co forget everything including "Fighting is bad!" So nothing has any material impact and you'll go on playing games where they fight.

I really wanted to like this movie and the emotional impact was there but there is so much to not like that anyone above the target demo of like 5-8 will see how rough it is.