The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run ★★★★

If you had to watch one SpongeBob movie I'd pick this one. Seamless transition from the cartoons 2D to this new CG style animation. Patrick went full shitposter in this movie and the rest of the cast had a more active role which let SpongeBob breathe a little. What holds this movie back from greater heights is that it's essentially a retcon and remake rolled into one.

This movie is supposed to be a launching pad for Kamp Koral, a 3/10 TV show according to IMDB. The Kamp Koral segments play off the appeal of kid versions of our favorite characters. Unfortunately this includes retconning already established lore for no reason other than to get people to watch the show.

The remake issue comes from Plankton, a PMC liberal who lives off of the story-like nature of struggle who can never evolve past that. This is the third movie now where Plankton has essentially won but can't enjoy it because he can't get off on his failures anymore.

What punches this movie far and above the other two though has to be the visuals. This movie looks incredible. It's like turning on RTX in Minecraft with a 4k texture pack. The amount of detail and cartoon like animation all compliments this unique CG style that you can't help but like. Better than any Pixar movie for sure.

One other mention I'd like to give is that the story actually explores some labor issues. This includes the exploitation of the poor working class person in an unfair capitalist judicial system and the automation of decisions related to management and HR. Fun to chew on and dissect amidst the musical numbers and gags.