Phantasm ★★★

I've been meaning to see this for a long time, I expected something different from this but it's not terrible. I personally am not a huge fan of very dream-like and surreal atmospheres in horror, though I think it makes this movie feel unique enough that I don't hate it. That exact dream-like feeling is probably what saves this movie from failing, because without that the plot and storyline really needed to be expanded upon.
Like it has all the makings of an interesting story, the weirdo guy that bleed mustard, that ball that drills into peoples heads (only happens once but. yeah), little dwarfs made from dead people, a PLANET portal. But most of the movie is really the two leads running back and forth between the cemetery and home and it doesn't really get there when it comes to a full circle on the story. Just a bit of a missed opportunity when this movie throws so much weird shit at the screen that I like. Will have to see the others


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