River of Grass

River of Grass ★★★½

"River of Grass" is the nickname for the Florida Everglades, a region of wetlands dominated by sawgrass marsh that is in dire need of conservation. Cozy is the name of a housewife who does not feel an emotional connection to her children, but really this feeling extends to her identity. And Lee is the name of a person she meets after nearly getting run over by Lee and his car.

When two paths cross like that, is that a moment of fate? For those that are searching for something, it sure feels like that. Cozy and Lee's chance encounter results in the two going on the run together for a murder that they did not commit. For a moment there Cozy has an identity for she is a 'killer'. But, the more important thing is that Cozy has seemingly found something that she has been hoping to grasp onto for a long time, an emotional connection. At one point Cozy asks if there is someone out there who is as lonely as she is. Maybe Lee can be this someone for her. And maybe they can escape the "River of Grass" once and for all.

But, know that River of Grass is and has always been about Cozy's journey with herself. Any subplot around Lee and the "murder" is secondary here. I love this aspect of this film; I love seeing Cozy realize what she is looking for and what she is willing to leave behind in the act. Living in the "River of Grass" for that long, in what many deem as a swamp, will surely take a toll on any person let alone Cozy, but in the end, Cozy can move at her own pace and that is all that matters.

Oh and if an American alligator so dares to pop up in the River of Grass, know that this is no match for a gun.

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