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  • Killer Bean Forever

    Killer Bean Forever


    this film is an absolute joy, its like every single army-guy ninja session i had around my toy box as a kid visualized. While character development and coherent thematic development are hardly present (there is a little bit about how systems deceive and use individuals without any regard for morality, but its all very vague, presented in a very childlike manner, not that this really negates anything), the sheer spectacle is an utter blast to take in. it's funny, and…

  • Homo Heights

    Homo Heights


    disappointing. its nice to see a film that is so willing to embrace any kind of queerness, but while i would have let any amount of overused repetitive cues, overexposed cinematography, or shoddy unclear storytelling pass, the sheer lack of real trans representation (and honestly a rather disconcerting vibe of hostility towards trans people i.e. transphobic jokes and a multitude of "high-camp drag" characters unanimously in shady, villainous roles) made the whole thing a sour affair on top of the…

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  • Despicable Me 3

    Despicable Me 3

    This site's current synopsis for Despicable Me 3 sounds vaguely as though it was not written by a human being.

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    Game Night is a really fun creative comedy. It subverts expectations fairly well, although you can always sort of get the gist of where the plot is going, there are plenty of unexpected turns along the way to keep it fresh. Perhaps one or two big reveals too many, (its a bit too convoluted for its own good), but it's very difficult for me to see anyone looking for a laugh going into the theater for a quick laugh not…