The Perks of Being a Wallflower

i think the extent to which this movie works for you is in how you interpret the framing. like, here i am, a newly graduated senior, and im already thinking to myself, "i was 100% that person, that quiet one that would say pretentious stuff like 'we are infinite' and didn't know how to handle my emotions and did assholey things as a result" and i don't necessarily think this movie buys into it so much as it wants to exist to assure those pretentious, underdeveloped high schoolers that there is a place beyond their little personal hell they've been forced into. Of course people are gonna hear the line "Poetry writes me." and think "wow that's bad" and not even consider that I don't doubt most of us were that person at some point or another.

I admire this movie for being the 1 "young adult high school" book/movie/thing that actually attempts the broach the subjects of mental illness and abuse and other things that a lot of high schoolers do live with. the chief irony is that i think it does so kinda poorly? and the film is at its weakest when it's 'playing those cards' (because unfortunately the narrative treats them like cards to be played) rather than just letting these characters exist and interact

another thing: NO ONE IN THIS MOVIE HAS ANY CONCEPT OF CONSENT. And the movie never addresses this! There are at least 5 or 6 scenes where characters just grab another character and start face sucking them (like, 'this is a completely normal and healthy thing to do!'), there is a backstory about a character (one of the main ones we are intended to sympathize with) continually getting a friend blackout drunk every weekend for seven months so he can make out with them, and the chief irony is that assault becomes a MAJOR plot point by the end of this, which just makes the whole thing really uncomfortable.

in a funny way, this kind of is the Rocky Horror of "ya novel high school movies". There's undoubtedly an attachment to it from those who are either in or had a fondness for their high school years because it contains content indicative or that experience that other things neglect or downplay. but you also have to get past the really awkward not ok stuff to be someone who really says "i really truly dig this movie". 

also, this is Ezra Miller's best character.
would go straight for him. ok maybe not. maybe