Peaky Blinders: The True Story

Peaky Blinders: The True Story ★★★★★

(i have not watched this documentary, i’m using this to review seasons of the show) 

season five:

with a lot of shows you watch it slowly getting worse and worse as the seasons progress. maybe it loses that special touch the first seasons had or maybe you simply lose interest. but peaky blinders is quite the opposite. it started off incredibly strong and has only gotten more and more spectacular every season. i’ve consumed so much television over the years but this cast has to be the greatest i’ve ever come across. everyone is so talented and pulls through in every way. the last twenty minutes of the finale alone deserve all the fucking awards. i mean seriously, one of the greatest, most intense scenes i’ve watched in a long, long time. there’s no reason not to watch this show, (i mean it is incredibly violent but that's beside the point.) just watch it. and if you already have then rewatch it. because it’s deserving of all of the praise and admiration it gets and more. 

also anya’s character was a bit of a bitch but idc she can still step on me ;)

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