Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★★

Difficult to compare to its predecessors because of how different it is. If Retribution is the Matrix, then this is the “desert of the real.” I would consider this the weakest of Anderson’s three 10s REs if only because I do disagree with a couple of choices, such as Isaacs being the “final boss” instead of Wesker (Iain Glen at least puts in a convincingly smarmy performance though). The clone shenanigans are the kind of thing which wouldn’t work in any other franchise, but fit right into the absurdity of Anderson’s universe and I enjoyed that Isaacs’ clone was the one to kill him off in a moment of hubris.

I have mixed feelings about the editing on this one. It does give the action scenes a certain frenetic energy, as well as distinguishing the film further from Afterlife and Retribution, but in some scenes I can’t help but think it went a bit too far. Hopefully with Monster Hunter Anderson will be able to find a happy medium.

The ending more than justifies any misgivings I have though, providing a cathartic end to Alice’s journey, which is even more powerful knowing that Anderson practically made this as a tribute to his wife and daughter. One of the most powerful and unique films of the last decade, and oddly one of the few franchise enders to stick the landing

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