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  • The Expendables 2

    The Expendables 2

    I was so disconnected from this movie from the moment it started. I mean, I love a good action movie (hint: this wasn’t one), but you have to establish a reason to care before dumping your guys in a tank and blowing through…a village? An army base? They were killing like, everyone, in the first 5 minutes, so let’s hope there weren’t any civillians there. Terry Crews gets a few funny lines and Jason Statham gets to be alarmingly competent…

  • Frozen



    This is an interesting Disney effort with a lot of great ideas that never quite seem to get off the ground. There’s magical snowmen, trolls, two protagonists on different paths, princes, uncontrollable powers, a last minute twist…it seems like the writers threw everything in the mix without settling on how it all fits into the story. There are two great heroines in this film (although at one point it becomes very difficult to tell them apart), but they’re separated for…

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  • Twitches


    I mean, from the title you can tell this is not going to be good. It was silly, pointless, predictable fantasy fluff with two fairly charismatic and completely gorgeous twins who were separated at birth. They rediscover each other at 21, and over the course of less than a day they discover they are witches and save their home dimension from 'the darkness', which rather than being a cool 80's-style glam band is a bunch of bad black-and-red CG.

  • Coraline



    Okay, the sound was weird when I saw this, so that sucked. Also, this was my first-ever 3D movie! The 3D was cool and all, but to me it really wasn't worth the extra $10 to wear uncomfortable glasses over the top of my own just to have that extra bit of depth. It didn't really enhance the appeal of the movie all that much for me.

    Mostly because the movie was pretty damn appealing without it. Coraline is a…