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This review may contain spoilers.

To everyone: I’m sorry. I’m sorry I watched the movie illegally before it had officially come out in NZ cinemas. But 1. It’s A24’s fault for not getting it over here for like 4 months after it’s original release and 2. I don’t regret it.

With only two feature films under his belt, I can safely say that Ari Aster is one of my favourite directors. He is one of the most promising, unique, and talented horror filmmakers both of today and possibly the past few decades. His cinematic style is one that drips with dread, beauty, and the uncanny. It is so perfect and precise that it incites an unexplainable terror as he holds the audience hostage with his whimsical and haunting stories and images.

“Hereditary” remains one of my favourite films of all time, simply for its craftsmanship. The same incredible attention to detail and realism even in the extreme and bizarre is replicated here. The film is shot so as to make every frame a painting, the score is unique with its wild choruses and out-of-tune strings, and the production design is some of the best i’ve seen... ever. The costumes, the intricate sets, the PRACTICAL EFFECTS. The film is dripping with beauty from start to finish. If you’ve ever wondered, this entire film is my complete aesthetic. This is what I want in my own filmmaking (cue that Tarantino clip).

Florence Pugh gives a performance only paralleled by Toni Collette, her predecessor. Everything from the way she psychotically smiles, stares in confusion, and cries with the most horrifying and bone-chilling pain solidifies her as a legend. I cannot imagine how exhausting this film must’ve been to make, for everyone involved, and it shows in the final piece.

My only complaint: there isn’t enough of it. You can tell that, while it never creates inconsistencies or disruptions, there was a lot of stuff cut from the theatrical version. There’s just so much to explore within this world and these characters, i could easily watch a three and a half hour version without ever getting bored. That’s why I’m now extra excited to see the Directors Cut when it comes out, and don’t worry, this time i’ll pay for it. In fact, i’ll 100% be seeing “Midsommar” again in cinemas, where I can enjoy it with an unsuspecting crowd.

So, once again, Aster has hit the nail on the head. I might even prefer this one over his debut, even though it feels less complete and refined. “Midsommar” is one of my favourite films of the year, and will surely become a cult (teehee) classic.

- Usage of Winter scenery in the opening of the film. Almost like the film is being played backwards from death to rebirth. VERY nice.
- I know it’s in the trailers, but that transition from living room to airplane bathroom is cool as fuck.
- I like bears and animal symbolism, okay? I was biased from the start.
- Use of male nudity! Unapologetically!
- The entire ending.

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