Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion ★★½

Firstly, the asuka fight and the horror imagery are absolutely incredible, and there are many worthwhile themes around mental health explored well with really visually strong and energetic directing. However, It feels like all the really dodgy stuff is waved away by fans as 'art", and intentional "subversion" of anime tropes, or "Anno putting this creepy thing in this is actually criticising the stuff he himself is directing because we say so". All of that just feels like an excuse. Anno seems to have done fanservice before and since from what I've gathered, and of questionable characters supposedly, so I doubt he hates fanservice and the particularly vile kind of fanservice I am talking about. Also there are a bunch of evangelion figures of the female characters that are dodgy. Moreover, all the female character personalities revolve around loving men. That worked somewhat for Misato I think until they made her kiss shinji in this film destroying her character. Also all the female characters are effectively there purely to further Shinji's development. I struggle to not feel like this is very misogynistic and dodgy af, but as a man I can't really comment I guess. Please someone better explain to me why all the creepy scenes aren't creepy. Like seriously if you can explain stuff please do, I am open to debate. Throw me some interviews or something that show Anno isn't just a creep that fans make up bs for. I really feel like eva fans just want to make excuses for the misogyny and sexualisation of its young af female characters so they don't feel bad about loving the series and films.

Also separate point, but if you really think about it the characters all just have variations of daddy and mommy issues, so the writing is less diverse than people think imo and mainly comes at mental health stuff from that specific angle. Still good character writing (though they really ruin Misato's character in this) though don't get me wrong. Plus despite the insane visuals a lot of the writing is tell instead of show.

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