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  • Undine


    Felt a little rushed, as if I was watching a rough draft of the film. Maybe Petzold just couldn't wait to cast Beer and Rogonowski together in a film again and hurried it (who can blame him though after their stellar performances in the brilliant Transit). I was hoping the stripped down stytle would at least give off some nice modern RKO pictures quickie vibes, like the mermaid film Val Lewton never produced or a 21st century Night Tide...but in the end it just felt like a skeleton of a film without any meat to it.

  • Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie

    Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie

    Shines brighter than Ford's small-town Americana, despite the dimly lit DVD transfer.

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  • Celine


    The actress who played Geneviève looked like every single actress who ever starred in a Rohmer film morphed together.

  • Landscape Suicide

    Landscape Suicide


    "Shiloh isn't haunted – men are haunted. Shiloh doesn't care. "

    (Thomas Harris, Red Dragon)