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  • A Guide to Breathing Underwater

  • Natsik Hunting

  • House on the Edge of the Park


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  • Nope



    the parts that work really work, the less we see the better. i see two main readings of the creature--one as a deconstruction of the camera itself, perhaps through a baudrillardian lens--do you watch the tv or does it watch you? the other is to read it as the Real, a primordial abyss which swallows all identities [Zizek]. the only way to deal with such a Real is through psychoanalysis, a way of understanding how social reality constitutes itself, "how…

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    this film fails to achieve any aim of confronting the rising tide of fascism in America because of its lacking in the two components of film or any other art: its content and its form.

    its form takes the wes anderson out of wes anderson--it turns a hyperspecific and rigid style into something that is stripped of its essence--the rigidness of the style--into something more malleable and commercial.

    its content is ahistorical parody, meant like Don't Look Up, to satirize…

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  • A Guide to Breathing Underwater

    A Guide to Breathing Underwater

    they must’ve shot with the anamorphic moment lens, no? really beautiful, i wonder if the director has seen To the Wonder, that’s what this reminds me of. the cutting on actions gives a lot of leeway moving from space and time. beautiful coloring, crazy high contrast. iphone lag in image is so distinctive, cant help but love it.

  • Natsik Hunting

    Natsik Hunting

    cozy, reminded me of a Vittorio de Seta movie

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  • River of Fundament

    River of Fundament

    Boy did I see this!!!

  • Interstellar


    Very hard film for me to figure out, because there was no middle ground in this film; either it was painfully shitty or it was really fucking good. It just kept jumping between the two, and the balance between them is very even.

    Performances are generally solid, Anne Hathaway simultaneously being a standout and a hindrance (her love speech is laughable; I know because I laughed so fucking loud someone in the row in front of me told me to…