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  • Upstream Color

    Upstream Color


    The star rating is from when I first saw this. Forgot to log this back when I saw it again in July. I really do love this film and its rhythm. It flows very organically, and while it’s quite cold, it’s also quite beautiful.

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network

    Holds up. Fincher sure knows how to cut. Dang, Zuck, u look alienated - SAD!

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  • Interstellar


    Very hard film for me to figure out, because there was no middle ground in this film; either it was painfully shitty or it was really fucking good. It just kept jumping between the two, and the balance between them is very even.

    Performances are generally solid, Anne Hathaway simultaneously being a standout and a hindrance (her love speech is laughable; I know because I laughed so fucking loud someone in the row in front of me told me to…

  • Her


    Because I don't want to write some hyperbolic nonsense that I sometimes get when I come out of a theater, completely overwhelmed, I won't write about it right now. I won't write about how this is the, "Best film since Before Sunset," "Spike Jonze's masterpiece," "the glorious be-all-end-all of technology through future romance," or other incoherent bullshit, I won't write this review until another day.

    I won't write about Joaquin's best performance he has ever given, Amy Adams' best of…