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  • Trouble Every Day
  • Hyperlinks or It Didn't Happen
  • Aubade
  • Killing

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  • Dog Movie

  • Double Mommy

  • To Live and Die in L.A.

  • Ministry of Fear

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  • Transporter 3

    Transporter 3

    Transporter is 3/3 great action scenes, hyper maximalism. i think i get how they edit like this, a lot of multiple clips playing at once at different speeds and opacities mixed with rapid jump cuts/different coverage of same action and a lot of very quick fade to whites, all happening within ten seconds for its entire duration. the story structure is very simple and fun for the actual set pieces and fast tone. water from wheels floating up was insane as…

  • Plane


    lot to like, the mix between found footage and classically shot action, the build up to the storm and the storm itself, the choice to often frame a protruding object on one half of frame—perfectly competent action movie making! odd to have the militia against the Indonesian government being the enemy but i guess i dont expect much from the french on the political front in a movie called Plane. at this point i read it as, “neoliberal supply chain…

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  • Dog Movie

    Dog Movie

    I saw an early cut back in June and this is significantly better. Though I don’t know what Henry cut! Love the music, the jokes play really well. Also screened part of an upcoming Henry Hanson movie and Milo Talwani’s “The Beach Boys,” not on LB though I loved that one quite a bit, sun soaked and really big smooth brain energy

  • Double Mommy

    Double Mommy

    First movie i watched in new apartment seen before of course but i could see myself rewatching this several more times it’s truly very dumb in the best possible way

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  • Interstellar


    Very hard film for me to figure out, because there was no middle ground in this film; either it was painfully shitty or it was really fucking good. It just kept jumping between the two, and the balance between them is very even.

    Performances are generally solid, Anne Hathaway simultaneously being a standout and a hindrance (her love speech is laughable; I know because I laughed so fucking loud someone in the row in front of me told me to…

  • River of Fundament

    River of Fundament

    Boy did I see this!!!