The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

Simultaneously one of the oddest and most beautifully shot films I've seen, my introduction to Alejandro Jodorowsky was incredible. I am doubtful I'll forget it. It's funny as fuck, and at one point it creates one of the most elaborate dick jokes I may ever have heard. That gets some of dem points right there, eh?

Parts went way over my head. I wasn't exactly writing notes whilst watching this time, more shooting for an experience. I'm certain I'll watch it again, looking to understand the commentary it had on the oversexed media generation, contemporary religious views, and the military's tactics on the youth. I picked up some of it, but I wasn't really looking for it. As I said above, I wanted the experience the first time I saw it. I have a feeling with all of Jodorowsky's films it'll be like this.

How incredibly well shot was it? It was incredibly well shot. Symmetry is definitely his thing. I picked up some movements from the camera, specifically when it's following someone who's walking, that look Refnesque, so I'm aware of the influence there. The set design was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I'm amazing it was made, it looks like a $10-20 million production!

I'm not prepared to write all THAT much about it, not having seen anything else by him nor having analyzed it completely, but I feel that right now I should give it 4.5/5. It just feels right. Next time I see it, maybe it'll be lower or higher. Either way, it was one helluva experience.

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