Parasite ★★★★★

i have been crying for the past 30 minutes. after an excruciatingly long bus ride, steeped in anticipation, i raced home only to find out my tv had been a bitch and only recorded the first hour of the oscars. disappointed but not surprised. by the time best original screenplay rolled around, i was only half paying attention because, as much as i thought parasite deserved to win, i had zero faith that it would. and then they announced it. and when i tell you i broke down, i BROKE DOWN. the waterworks and all. each year, what i believe to be the best films of the year, slip through the cracks and don’t receive the recognition they deserve. it has reached the point where i have just about lost all faith in award shows. after downloading the screenplay days earlier, i had gained an even greater appreciation of the subtle nuances within it and, let me just say, never before had i seen a film so worthy win an award. i came to the end of the recording and, by this point had only seen five awards announced. after a whole day of hiding from spoilers being thrown around left and right on literally every social media site ever, i realised i would have to look up the winner for best picture. my heart was pounding, hands trembling. the stakes were so high because i love this film so much and it was so far above the competition it’s not even funny. instantly i was flooded with news headlines. PARASITE PARASITE PARASITE. this was history in the making right here. i had dragged my mum along to watch this in august having heard very little about it and, as the credits rolled, we were at a loss for words, silent on the car ride home simultaneously in awe and unable to comprehend what we had just watched. nothing i can say would do this film justice, i told my friends the only way they’d understand was to watch it themselves. DON’T LOOK ANYTHING UP, GO IN BLIND, BE PREPARED TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN, is what i’d say. until then, all i could do was sit in silence with my mum being the only person i could vent to about the beauty of parasite. yesterday, i ran through the rain to the store just to swipe a parasite dvd and carried it with me my entire shift (perks of having no locker). why do i mention this? because i think it’s testament to how bloody brilliant this film is. (pun intended)

i can’t write a clever review. i can’t write something poetic or metaphorical (see what i did there?). all i can say is, the worlds eyes are all on bong joon-ho right now, anticipating what masterpiece he’s going to make next. thank you director bong, the spectacular cast and crew and, i never thought i’d say this but thank you to the academy for finally recognising a film that represents everything cinema should be.

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