The Room

The Room ★★★★

On Friday the 6th of December, I went to a late-night screening of The Room.

Having watched The Disaster Artist a couple of times and hearing countless stories about crazy experiences watching this with a theatre full of people, I sent my mum the link and told her to book two tickets. She would come with me.

About two months after sending her the link, I started to prepare her for what was to come. I showed her clips from The Disaster Artist, attempted to explain its cult following. But I knew I couldn't do it justice. She would just have to wait and see.

At ten to 9 we went into the cinema. The juxtaposition between the stunningly grand 1930's theatre and, (what is often referred to as) the trashiest film of all time, was such a strange experience to me.

I grabbed a handful of spoons. My mum did too. We shoved them all into her handbag. The theatre began to rapidly fill. People of all ages, couples, friends and single people (and obviously the people who have watched it 30 times and can quote it word for word), all grabbed their spoons and took a seat. And then it began.

I looked at my mum countless times throughout the film. To say her face looked confused was an understatement. I started to worry she wasn't 'enjoying' it. But as people started screaming SPOONS while chucking spoons at the screen, she began to join in. By the third spoon-throwing, I looked over to see if she was having fun. I noticed her on the floor, crawling trying to collect all the spoons that had fallen around us. She was having a ball.

About halfway in, she started screaming SHUT THE DOOR (won't make sense unless you have seen it) along with the rest of the crowd. She was still perplexed as to what was going on, because watching this in a cinema is unlike anything you've ever seen, but was getting really involved which is what I had hoped for.

We couldn't stop laughing as we walked to the car (partially because she was having to reach into my dress and find the spoons that had fallen down the back of it). I asked her, like I always do after we finish a film: "What would you give this?".

And, without even stopping to think, she said: "FIVE! FOR SURE."

She is already planning on going again and taking some of her friends.

THIS IS CINEMA. Immersive experiences like these are why I love cinema. The audience connecting over a shared love (or hatred) over a particular film. It brings people together. And while I think we can all agree this film is absolute shit, it brings people so much joy (?).

So while the film itself would not be 4/5, the experience as a whole was definitely worth such a high rating. I can't wait for seeing this film to become a tradition for me.

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