Favorite films

  • Three Colors: Blue
  • After Life
  • Meshes of the Afternoon
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Recent activity

  • The Dirty Dozen


  • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


  • I Know What You Did Last Summer


  • Ex Machina


Recent reviews

  • SLC Punk

    SLC Punk


    The kind of movie you could base an entire personality around if you were fifteen. I can only imagine a type of white dude entering college armed with three VHS tapes: SLC Punk, Mallrats, and The Big Lebowski. A generation removed from Repo Man, the quasi-poser stance is unfashionable as ever.

  • Big Trouble

    Big Trouble


    Apparently it is obscenely difficult to get your boss to make a phone call to Yale.

    Objectively not good, but it was not the affront to cinema that I was anticipating. Once I started thinking about it like The In-Laws part two, I was able to go with the flow.

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