Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Love Exposure is a four hour ode to film, camp, pop-art, perverts and “you guessed it” love.

It can be a daunting project to commit yourself to a four hour Japanese film about love, sex, violence, abuse, rape, religious guilt, sectarianism, panty shots photography and the perils of getting your first boner. But the experience itself is fun, entertaining, thought provoking, absolutely unique and utterly rewarding.

I feel that this is a movie for the outcasts, the perverts and the unadjusted that celebrates individualism over conformism and favors contrition over uniformity. It wear its heart on its sleeve and rejects limitations, restrictions and frees itself of any kind of pretentiousness. It is very one-the-nose at times and has moments where the characters literary scream the massage into the camera at the audience. It’s bold, audacious and definitely not for everybody. But if you are susceptible to this kind of in-your-face approach of storytelling that is at the same time incredibly subversive and complex you are in for an unforgettable experience.

But in the end, I think the films biggest triumph is, that at all times, it favors the experience over themes, characters over plot and emotional truth over stale realism. I, myself was baffled at how deeply emotionally attached I had become to these characters at the end of this 237 minute odyssey.

One of my favorite (german speaking) critics once called Love Exposure “ein Ständer voller Liebe” which literal translates to “a boner full of love”. I can’t come up with a better description of it myself. So let me close with these words of wisdom:

"Life is what you make it, being a pervert is just one way of life."

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