Parasite ★★★★★

I went in knowing very little, I left feeling EVERYTHING!

This is one of the few experiences where the film exceeded Film Twitters Hype!
I'm ashamed to say that this was one of my first experiences of a Foreign Language Film in the cinema. I truly truly loved this film.

The story is fascinating. I love the idea of a poor family infesting themselves in a rich lifestyle. But just as you start to feel comfortable in the film, curve balls appear out of nowhere to take the story in a new direction.
The film is paced incredibly! A lot of films I've seen recently have resulted in my glancing at my watch to see how long we have left. With Parasite, I never took my eyes away from the screen. It was the perfect length!
The set design was beautiful, the direction was sublime!
The acting though really was the highlight for me. When you're watching a film in another language, the indication of excellent acting is if you can watch the actors without the subtitles and still understand what's happening...that is exactly what happened with Parastie. Everyone was incredible but personally Cho Yeo-jeong was a stand out. Her comic timing and ability to make us feel connected and sometimes sorry for this affluent family was fabulous!

How can I prove that I loved it? Well I'm already planning my second viewing!

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