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  • Skyfall



    Works as a spy film, action film, revenge film, and siege film. Does a good job at taking relatively small stakes (for a Bond film), and blowing them up on a grander scale. So easily digestible, this film is fun to watch, has the just the right amount of humor, and is the best looking Bond film ever.

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  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2

    Kill Bill: Vol. 2


    Less kicky, more talky. Just as good, maybe a hair better.

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  • Onward



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    Nowhere near the best of Pixar, but certainly not the worst, Onward is an interesting story set in an interesting world with some interesting characters. The lazy suburban world is set up fairly nicely but for the most part quickly abandoned once the quest starts. I found that disappointing, but I the final act merges the two terrains in a compelling and thoughtful way that works. The voice casting is mostly distracting (can we please go back to…

  • Chilly Scenes of Winter

    Chilly Scenes of Winter


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    Romantic Comedy may not be the best description of Chilly Scenes of Winter, but I can't say it's incorrect. Maybe "Dark Romantic Comedy" is better? The film is romantic, and it is funny.... but it is also achingly draining to watch. Heard and Hart are incredible in this - both very likable, and at times completely unlikable (especially Heard), but Silver's writing and direction is so spot on and true that it's hard to hate either one - you just know they shouldn't end up together.

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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    Charming and fun who-dunnit. The usual attention to detail, offbeat humor, and quirky Anderson style are all there. Mixed with interesting animation, period jumping, and aspect ratio tinkering, this is a great watch.

  • Licence to Kill

    Licence to Kill


    Like all Bonds, this film is a product of its time. Right at the the end of the 80's, the influence was harder, darker action films filled with baddies pushing drugs. Enter an okay script and Timothy Dalton as a pretty good Bond you have a mediocre film. But the hardness of the direction, the rogue agent spin, Davi's cool performance, and the truly awesome action set pieces and stunts make this a fun watch.

    Two other random highlights:
    - Lowell ordering a shaken martini by making the jerk off action
    - Del Toro really hamming up a line about... rape