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  • Abnormal Family

    Abnormal Family


    Mandatory Japanuary #10

    Abnormal Family is a mesmerizing Pinku Eiga experience, which happens to be absurd, funny and still very erotic. The family depicted in this movie at first seems to be very cold and nearly emotionless. With the progression of the film their innermost desires and fears are shown without abandoning their previously shown behavior. It surely isn’t a complex movie, but it happens to be excellently paced and beautifully filmed.

    (Takashi Miike took a similar premise and went ten steps further, but didn’t manage to pace as good as this film)

  • Underwater Love

    Underwater Love


    Mandatory Japanuary #11

    A very low budget Pinku Eiga, that revolves around a woman who is about to get married her boss when a mythological being from the swamp appears to her.
    This movie alternates sex scenes, musical numbers, sequences of story progression and comical interactions. It’s quite enjoyable, but a little bit uneven, which can excused because of its low budget.