Booksmart ★★★

Yeah, Booksmart is probably one of the most far-fetched high school genre films of all-time, but it makes up for that shortcoming by being one of the funniest high school comedies of all-time—and by a long, long shot! The whole plot is pretty much driven by extreme conveniences, but hey, who cares? Quality humor always overrules!

Booksmart falls under the same category as films like Game Night and Blockers—this category being the-modern-day-comedies-that-actually-turn-out-to-be-consistently-funny…category. It is, however, a stratum above these two movies I have mentioned—yippee! Seek this flick out immediately when you get the chance to. Olivia Wilde is proving herself to be much more than just a pretty-faced actress roaming amongst the Hollywood scene. Much more. Oh, and props to the hilarious screenwriters of course!

Verdict: B-

This is additionally the gender roles reversed Superbad remake that nobody asked for, but we’re glad to have received. Quite glad, if I do say so myself.

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