Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ★★★½

Oh gosh, I think this movie just encapsulated everything I absolutely love about science-fiction adventures right next to George Lucas’s 1977 Star Wars. It has it all: cogent interactions between varied unworldly characters, an uncomplicated central storyline, intelligently composed battle sequences, a praiseworthy antagonist, and the perfect amount of drama. Like Star Wars, it doesn’t exceed the volume of its straight-forward genre, but instead, completely embraces its grandest attributes, and that’s exactly why it succeeds farther than most others in the world of blockbuster filmmaking.

I do have a BUCKET of minor objections with the movie, but nothing ridiculously significant to remotely ruin the all-inclusive experience for me—similar to most assumed “sci-fi classics” that I have witnessed. 

With stimulating events that rack up a shocking amount of suspense, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is a hassle-free treasure that could get any outer-space cynic into the cerebral galaxy of Eugene Wesley Roddenberry’s iconic franchise. 

👍🏼 Verdict: B

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

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