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  • Tell It to the Bees

    Tell It to the Bees


    There should be a trigger warning at the beginning of this film. This film was not made for lesbians and I do not feel that it is safe for lesbians. 

    Regardless of the book (which I urge everyone to read over seeing the film) this film is terrible and the messages it sends are unreal and so outdated in queer cinema that it perpetuates the belief that the only life a queer person can live is a miserable, lonely, fear…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Anyways this is the best fucking soundtrack and cinematography I have ever seen I sobbed in the theatre over it also Rachel Weisz please choke me

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  • Caged



    Great film I just really want to know why Eleanor Parker and Agnes Moorehead didn’t make out at any point??

  • Girls in Uniform

    Girls in Uniform


    This film has been an extremely important film since I was in my early teen years, just coming to terms with my sexuality. There is a great subtlety to this film that I feel is what gives such an enormous impact. Lilli Palmer’s acting in especially poignant as she is capable of conveying the great depth of feeling that a repressed queer person may feel, and therefore I feel that to understand the magnitude of the film one has to…