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  • Modesty Blaise

    Modesty Blaise


    Only one reason exists to appreciate MODESTY BLAISE: the chance to see Monica Vitti lighten up and have a little fun after all the suffering she endured starring in four deadly serious films for Michaelangelo Antonioni. Despite the fact that she changes clothes for practically every scene and has to kill a few people, the film demands zero from her in terms of acting.

    True, there is also a cast of talented actors (Terence Stamp, Dirk Bogarde, Rosella Falk), all…

  • The Clovehitch Killer

    The Clovehitch Killer


    Talk about teenage angst. Sixteen year old Tyler (Charlie Plummer) begins to suspect that his clean cut, church going, all around good guy Dad (Dylan McDermott) just might be a notorious serial killer who terrorized his community ten years ago. The boy investigates and finds out things about his Dad that he wishes he hadn't. But does that make the man a killer? While the viewer sees Tyler discovering some very incriminating evidence that appears to give credence to his…

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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    I hereby predict that this very strange little movie will become a cult phenomenon with all of its faithful devotees dressing up in white sheets whenever they venture out to see it.

    Quiet, introspective, exercise in existential angst. And, dare I say it, haunting. Well worth seeing, if, for no other reason, that there is simply nothing else like it.

  • Chaplin



    Why did I wait so long to savor this wonderful film?

    Robert Downey, Jr. brings so much talent, heart and physical genius to his portrayal of legendary actor/director Charlie Chaplin that it's almost unbelievable. Although director Richard Attenborough had considered using Robin Williams or Jim Carrey for the role, he couldn't have made a better choice than Downey.

    The film is based on Chaplin's autobiography, although some critics have complained that some details and depictions are not quite accurate. I…