Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★★

I've tried hating Star Wars. I tried looking at the movies with the perspective older fans do, the prequels are abominations, the originals are god, buy all the toys, worship Harrison Ford, the tv-shows are good, episode 8 purposefully undermined what Star Wars is about, etc, etc. But I can't do it. My love is too pure. I love the prequels, the originals can be kinda boring same as the prequels, star wars toys are the worst, Alden Ehrenreich is better at playing Han Solo than Harrison Ford, the tv-shows are good fanfiction, episode 8 is the best Star Wars movie and encompasses everything Star Wars is about without abashedly shaming any previous aspect of the franchise. Most importantly of all, I can't give any Star Wars movie less than 10/10, it feels wrong, like I yelled at somebody I love and want to take it back with all my heart. This one-sided love is bad for me.

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