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  • Boom in the Moon

    Boom in the Moon

    Not even for completists, really.

  • One Way Pendulum

    One Way Pendulum


    A financial disaster when released, seeing it today it's difficult to imagine this film making its money back, let alone ringing the box office bell. 'One Way' was only one of a handful of films that were made from the 'British Theater of the Absurd,' a movement so badly tracked that there's hardly any academic literature that specifically examines it.

    On the comic front, the three leading Brit playwrights of this movement were Nigel Dennis (The Making of Moo, Cards…

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  • Battling Butler

    Battling Butler


    Just a side note to the previous reviews. I agree with Walter Kerr's assessment of the frightening end of 'Battling Butler.' Keaton allows himself to be thoroughly pummeled and beaten up in the ring before he fights back; and there is something going on here that goes beyond what a normal comedy film would countenance.

    Keaton did try out many of his films in front of audiences; and although 'Butler' is near enough to 'Go West' to suggest that the…

  • Arrowsmith



    It's good, but one of the main problems is with the original novel. While excellent, as most of Lewis' early (and one late) novels are, Arrowsmith and his wife are drab compared to the surrounding characters; Leona is more interesting here than in the original. In fact, Helen Hayes' best scene - laying into her family and ending by demanding a smoke - isn't even *in* the book.

    Max Gottlieb is a fascinating character in the novel, and A.E. Anson,…