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  • The Visitor

    The Visitor


    The owner of a professional sports team is the exact type of person to make deals with the devil.

    Serviceable writing and interesting engagement between the forces of good and evil. Not sure how I feel about every black person being in a service position.

    This movie is like Rosemary's Baby but with extra dimensions to the narrative and not directed by a sexual predator

  • On the Silver Globe

    On the Silver Globe


    This film might have been too alien for me (no pun intended). I generally don't like stories of harsh survival in wilderness. A lot of cool poetry but it's too often presented as profound without giving me the opportunity to consider it as such for myself which makes it feel like I'm being yelled by someone who is smart but not smart enough to know how to communicate the semantics of what their saying. This movie is 'Dune meets Naked and Afraid but only for people who work out at the library'

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  • Love, Death & Robots: The Witness

    Love, Death & Robots: The Witness


    This is where I can't review these seriously. Uuuuh it's a long chase sequence with a nude Asian woman running around, only stopping to do a sexy dance. Is that a spoiler because that's all there is to it? Just fucking terrible. Into the spiderverse but for fetish perverts who want nothing but to see a 12 minute chase. Half a star for good animation and set etc.

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    I think everyone has their own idea of what a good star wars movie is,, including those involved with production and that is maybe part of the problem. The writing in this movie feels rushed. Characters do things that don't make sense. Things happen and they don't make sense. What Does make sense, tends to be uninteresting or predictable. If you've enjoyed any of the other star wars films in this recent trilogy, there's not much for you to enjoy…