Satantango ★★★★

Tiktok film club October scavenger hunt 4/10 

So I watched Sátántangó. I’ve never made a film so I’m not a filmmaker but I would consider this movie in a filmmaking way actually flawless. There’s a lot of metaphors I think I understand but I could be totally wrong. 

We begin this movie by seeing a herd of cows that are standing On a patch of grass simply wandering around. Now from just these first 5 minutes we know how this town has been drained of basically everything. Shortly after this we see some of the people in there house and we know that this town has fallen based on the way they talk what they say and their actions. 

We then see one of the main character of this who is incredibly vital to the story irimias and his partner patrina. They are sitting in a government building and simply wait for someone. I can’t say this next part that happens without spoiling it so I’ll leave that out. 

In the next part we see a man known as the doctor who sits and observes what people in the town are doing. He sits there for the entire act getting drunk and in the end of the act he ends up walking outside. Now I’m probably gonna be saying this for every single character but they’re crucial. 

what I think it means.It shows the fall of a town. I think that this movie does represents the fall of people because of it . I could be totally wrong about this but I think that the movie illustrates ignorance deception manipulation and incorporates it in a person. I also would guess that the animals in this are very metaphorical but I could be totally wrong.

Now another thing this movie is 7 hours 30 minutes. In each chapter they illustrate a theme that has been caused by the fall of their town. I’ll admit some chapters feel very long however but I assure you every chapter is incredibly important to the next one all the way up until the end. 

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