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Out 1 ★★★★★

wow! this is the longest movie ive ever watched, almost 13 hours! i did it over the course of the last few days, it was kinda like 8 feature length films in one, all following the same story over the course of a few weeks

i don't know why ive been loving french movies specifically so much, i actually want to move to paris at some point during my 20s really badly, maybe its just in my dna lol my grandparents named their first dog chien which means dog in french and their second dog chien 2! and they had a bird named wazzo (which means bird in french), so who knows. maybe one day i can be like robert crumb and trade in some sketchbooks for a house in the french countryside

jacques rivette is master, the length of this makes it so hard to talk about since there's so much to recall, but the opening acting troupe rehearsal scene was some of the craziest, most immersive shit ive ever seen. i need to shoot on 16mm, the entire movie was so beautiful it felt so true to just walking around paris

jean pierre leaud is one of my all time favorite actors, and this might be his best performance. i loved how the events of the movie felt based around his character, along with juliet berto. i also loved the way everything slowly came together to blend into this surrealist, dark dreamlike finally. just seeing storylines intertwine and characters meet was so exciting after spending so much time with them by themselves, i loved the scenes in the shop with colin and pauline, also thomas and frederique and lili were such incredible characters, it's gonna take a lot to get this movie outta my mind damn

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