Tenet ★★★½

Throughout his whole career, Christopher Nolan has been most interested in the intricacies of the rules of the worlds he creates. He's always had bangin' plotlines but he spends a lot of the time exploring the crevasses of the fabric that make up the films. This leads to a convolution that can both intrigue and frustrate.

Tenet is purposefully obtuse at times, seemingly for the purpose of putting the focus on the experience rather than the plot intricacies. On the first watch, it can be hard to keep up with everything, the complexities of the rules seem daunting, almost as if they're being made up along the way. The dazzling spectacle of it all makes a lot of this seem inconsequential though.

Unlike a lot of Nolan's other work, Tenet mostly discards the crutch of emotion, wisely I might add. Instead of getting bogged down by unimportant character motivations, he attempts to skirt by doing the absolute minimum in this area. Still, some of the biggest eye rolls of the film come from this area, his dialogue is outright bad.

Nolan has always made very cool movies, the special effects in Tenet are nothing short of mind-blowing. All of the fun of espionage and action movies but with some great artistic flourishes. He's built this world that seems so vast yet so small, adding to the feeling of this distorted reality. Just a real sleek film from one of our biggest auteurs.

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