Batman ★★★

A Saturday morning cartoon drizzled with demented gothic set pieces and costumes, Batman gallops in design and style, but halts in story and substance. Gotham city has such a haunting aura as gray and unknown people scurry fearfully through the shadows. I just wish more memorable scenes took place there.

And all the action is underlined with booming sounds and swift editing, yet there is an odd lack of suspense. That being said, whether it be the bathooks that go ‘scccccccchdoop!’ or the richly detailed batmobile, all of batman’s gadgets and thingamabobs are brought to life wondrously, as if they were torn right from the comic books. The most memorable aspect of this movie is expectedly Jack Nicholson's joker, he is OFF THE WALLS. Literally the perfect castMy main problem is from the caped crusader himself; there’s never really a reason to root for him. He’s bland. Eh. 

It’s fine.

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