Dune ★★★★½

I apologize to everyone for my stupidity. The film is brilliant it works, everything clicked this time around.

All of the bad omens, Paul quite literally getting high in his own supply, the false prophet stuff, weaponizing that against people to get what they want. It really really really clicked. And i finally got SO so much of the world building and power dynamics. It’s all there and I think I’m finally in full agreement that it’s a far superior version of the prequels. I get it. I get it now.

Was fortunate enough to watch a Q&A afterwards with Denis and damn him talking about how “fascist” teens can be between angst and pretentiousness, and trying to grapple with pleasing punk 13 year old version of himself who had the arrogance to think he could eventually adapt Dune. So much of Dune is far more personal than I had previously thought and I feel like the world’s biggest dummy finally waking up to this.

My bad guys, on to Part 2!

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