Get Me Roger Stone

Get Me Roger Stone ★★★½

Before I watched this, I viewed Roger Stone as a kind of clownish, fringe character from the right. He seemed like yet another inept moron, someone akin to Alex Jones, elevated only by his proximity to Trump.

I was very wrong.

Rather than being some garden-variety lunatic, Roger Stone is instead an old and clever insider, the dark Forest Gump of the political world, as the documentary puts it, behind the scenes of every major conservative ploy since Nixon's time in office. He didn't come out of the shadows as a result of the 2016 chaos: he created it.

As arguably the architect of the Trump candidacy, you can see how Stone's talking points, attitude, and scorched earth tactics were continuously put into play, directly leading to the ongoing disaster at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's a fascinating, unsettling watch. It's also a look at the 2020 playbook for those interested in countering these tactics. I don't think it will be easy.

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