Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★½

I've probably seen this one less than the original so it doesn't have as much nostalgia for me as that one but is still a fun ride.

I hated part 3 the last time I saw it as I thought it was too light and nothing like the original, but this is where the change in tone really kicked in. We don't have a dark and violent here, we have the equivalent of a summer blockbuster here and defo what Genysis will be too!

Christina Ricci is convincing in an early role as John Connor! Seriously though, Edward Furlong had everything, despite playing John as a whiney little shit, so what the fuck happened to his career?

One of my fave scenes is when the baddy terminator visits John's foster parents and Wolfie!!!

Speaking of Robert Patrick, he is perfect! Is there anything scarier than when he is sprinting like fuck after you?

I don't get why the cops massacre Dyson but give Arnie the chance to drop his weapons minutes later. Is this a cops/race thing which just so happens to be a real issue here and now????

So, after watching both back to back on the big screen, I still feel the original edges it.

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