The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★★

- Slow pace. The movie took forever to get going and never really went anywhere.
- Abrupt flashbacks. Everyone knows the story of Tarzan, we don't need to break up the film and go backwards.
- Villain motivations. Not really sure why Waltz was so evil and his reasoning.
- Too many plot threads. There is a rare diamond, King Leopold going bankrupt, slavery, kidnapping, all in a single movie, it never picked one story thread to follow.

- The cast. Everyone does well with their characters. I especially enjoyed Samuel L Jackson, but I wish they did more with him with the Alavert of natives of him fighting the civil war.
- The visuals. This is a gorgeous looking movie. I truly felt like I was in the Congo. Yates always has a brilliant eye and he does it again here.
- Set design and costumes. Again, I felt I was there. It was all beautifully and historically accurate.
Action- While they are few and far between, the action was well done. I enjoyed the train fight the most.